The Deal With My Tattoo

Sometimes, when life gives you a brain tumor diagnosis and you find out brain surgery is in your future you go and get tattoo??????? Yes!!!! John and I got these in Texas, first trip, right after I had met with my doctor in Texas and he officially took my case.  John and I talked about getting matching wedding band tattoos for years but every time we started to make plans to make it happen I would get pregnant.  Then I got sick. 

At the time, in Texas, I figured we were just killing time and deflecting with the very scary next step, surgery. Since then, I realize that these EKG tattoos on our wedding/ring finger were recommitting(again) our heart to the commitment we took 17 long, very long, not in anyway easy, very hard, “yes” years. I told a friend, during that time, I had to say yes to marriage  At that time, I wanted to quit at everything! life and motherhood and marriage.  I wanted to give up but John didn’t let me.  None of you did.  The time was awful but it was just a brief moment in our 17.  Let me be straight, this man drives me nuts and there is a lot of his beliefs that I do not agree with, endorse, or understand.  But I love him and I promised that I would be his life mate so every day I say YES to him. And..... I am so thankful for him doing the same.  It’s not our anniversary but DANG this year, y’all. It’s not a normal year so I am choosing to celebrate our YES (I DO) on the ordinary days just like today.  Just like we do in the scary and poor days and the amazing and rich days.

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