My Version of Heaven (Hula Hoops in Heaven)

I believe there are hula hoops in heaven.  
I believe there is a feast at every table filled with gourmet foods and liquid gold. It tastes delicious. 

Believe me, this is what I believe.

I believe that it is the perfect temperature, not too hot and not to cold.

....... where everyone wears golden spun flannel shirts tied around their waist just as an awesome fashion statement. 

I believe, that up above, the sounds of Laughter encompass your soul.  That chuckles and giggles reverberate in your heart so much that you can feel it. ........Deep. 

I believe in heaven that the type of laugher that shakes your belly and makes you roll out of your chair is an ever day thing.  

........What are you doing tomorrow at 2pm? I am going to stop, drop, and laugh. 

......I believe that when someone laughs in heaven it snows gold love notes from our loved ones. 

I believe that knees work like they are supposed to.  Hearts beat in rhythm to the G-rated rap songs playing from the clouds with a really sick beat.

....... Legs can dance in sync, even for those who previously, on earth, had two left feet. 

I believe that eyes hold no pain.  That they can see all the colors and then some. Only brighter. Only with glitter. Coated with glitter that sparkles like the top of the Freedom Buildings in the morning sunrise. Not tacky, just the perfect amount. 

I believe that vision is restored. 
I believe that infection is defeated. 
I believe that boobs point to the sky, always.

I believe in heaven, that the sun sets on the west and rises on the east, just because.  I believe that the Stars in the sky taste like peanut butter dipped in chocolate dipped in strawberry jam made by my grandmother Jeanette. “Like Racheal Ray would say “YUMO”

Pets run free, come when they are called, and they never EVER shed.  Tails always wag. 

There is no sadness
There is no tears
It sounds cliche but it’s what I believe. 

The sun doesn’t sunburn but it is also always shining. Always. 

The sun, in heaven, also plays music in surround sound. Perhaps even Christmas music for those that want it any time of the year. It can always be Christmas in heaven except 

.....without returns, exchanges, or anything with a monetary label. 

In heaven, if you want time with a loved one for Christmas? Yes


Is today your Birthday? yes! 

 I believe another version of me, a me from the future after it’s my time to go, is there with them. In heaven time travel is possible. In heaven nobody, no where, no how is lonely, ever.

A whole version.  The future “heaven me” dances with them to music.  It is a party every day and those in heaven never dance alone.

Everyone has a friend.
Everyone has a sister.
Everyone has a brother.
No one has loneliness. 

Love. It’s all there in heaven. This is what I believe. 

It is like this in heaven. I believe it. 

Hula Hoops in heaven, you bet.

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