Instead of cleaning the kitchen let’s write about cleaning it!

I am sitting on toys and leaning against clutter.  “Stuff” overflows the arm, next to me, of the couch into the half empty Christmas bins that have been stacked there for two weeks.  The dog is snoring on the couch next to me taking up more space than I am. This is Christmas. 

The beater blade on my mixer is hardened with brown sugar.  I am sure this isn’t an ingredient for unwanted guests.  Did I mention it 11:26pm?  I know the only time this kitchen will be fulling clean is at midnight, so I will clean.  

I will clean the glue from the table left over from today’s Christmas crafts.  I will toss out the notes of the meeting that I took today that completely wasted my time.  I will finally wash every dish there is to be had.  After all of that I will mop the kitchen floor and thank God for the child that made cookies with me today....for it may be 12am but it is also Christmas. 

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