My Bucket List

Since that last post about my life, blogging, and my story not being over I decided to let myself dream just a little more.  The point of a bucket list, for me, is definitely not to complete each item but to never have an empty bucket, to always be searching for the wonderful things this world has to offer, and to continue learning and growing into the best person I can be.  Here is my updated list.

1. Learn to hula hoop with 🔥 fire.
2. Learn how to speak amazon and have a thriving business with online sales.
3. Become a photographer
4. Learn how to play the Charlie Brown Song on the piano
5. Stand inside a telephone booth, see Big Ben, and walk across Abby Road in London.
6. Teach a hula hoop fitness class on the beach.
7. Acquire a kick 🦵 awesome ☕️ tea collection with fine china tea cups. 
8. Write a book to inspire others to live fully, out loud and provoke others to consider being a foster parent.
9. Learn how to knee hoop
10. Read 100 books in 365 days.
11. Go to Israel with John
12. Build a computer with my son
13. Take my oldest to Australia 
14. Watch a child trafficking ring close.

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