Someone asked me about my hoops...

I was just on the phone and talking about my hula hoops,  dance, and my secret obsession with walking on stilts (shhhhh no one knows but you and me) and they asked if my hoops were on my blog and OMG!!!! You guys!  They aren’t here.  My total most fun entrepreneurish adventure is not on here.  

Do any of you know what they look like?  Well here are some of the ones I have made over corona. (Just some because I can’t find all of them in my ICloud.  I promise to post when I find them.).  Happy Hooping everyone! 

HurrikKanen’s (a tribute to him and the endless respect for the person he always be to us) His hoop is not finished yet but has been resized and prewrapped.

A new dance hoop for me since my last one was ruined at the beach. 

I also started selling DIY Make your own hoop kits! 

You can check out The Cape May Hula Hoops Facebook page where they are all pretty and posted more efficiently than this. But for now I hope these work! 😊

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