Finding ZuLia- An open letter

Below is correspondence with a local school that is involved with a child trafficking ring. I am publishing this as an open letter on my blog and as a way for others in my town to track my progress and help me find her. Please keep your eyes pealed. 

Dear Woodbine Board of Education,

I am looking for a child, and have been for a couple weeks, as I am sure you are aware through local talk and online word of mouth.  During the week of Nov 15, 2019, I was introduced to a baby girl that had a smile so beautiful that you could see her innocence.  She was just learning to walk and had determination with each step.  Zuleah is definitely a soul that will surely change the world for the better. 

I was told by a staff member that she was a foster child however I was also told they never had a child by her name in the county system.  I am concerned. Your prompt attention in this matter is demanded.  

I would like to schedule a meeting to discuss this child’s description and talk about how we can go about finding her to make sure she is safe with her family. I hope her mother isn’t missing too. 

Elizabeth Norton 

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