10 Reasons Why Dancing Is Great Medicine

As you know, my journey here on my little spot of the World Wide Web is mostly about perspective and making the choice to dance and to keep going even when the tough gets going.  Sometimes the radio station is staticky and life calls for you to make an adjustment.  It is so very important for us to handle the changes that come our way.  To pivot or turn. To arch or bend.  Being flexible is often the key to survival when life gets hard.  I say, “ Put on the music and dance up the mountain set before you, don’t just climb it.”  Dancing helps me change my mindset and so much more.......

Here are 10 of the reasons why dancing is a great form of medicine for any struggle. 

Improves Physical Health

Taking time to dance is taking time to exercise, no matter how much you dance or what type it is. Exercise benefits your physical health in various ways. Dancing can improve your cardiovascular health, flexibility, muscle strength and recovery, bone strength, and so much more. You can also learn or improve muscle coordination through dancing, and consistency can mean greater benefits or improvements on these physical health benefits. 

Releases Or Expresses Emotions

Many of us, especially those with mental illness or other psychological struggles, have a hard time releasing our emotions when we feel them or expressing them to others in a way that can help us let go of them. All forms of dance can be means for expression in those dancing, which can become a way to let out your emotions in a healthy format that can also communicate to others sometimes. Releasing emotions helps prevent stress, anxiety, and other ailments. 


The reason that so many people with ailments or other issues avoid or have problems with actual medicines is that everyone’s experiences are incredibly unique in so many ways. This means treatments need to also be very unique. Dance can provide that option, because it has so many ways to learn or utilize the skill and can be professional or relaxed as well as can be done any time or with any music and time needs. Music itself is also a great medicine, so it doubles up. 

Improves Or Prevents Diseases

Dance therapy has been a realistic option for patients in medical care facilities or therapy struggling with all different ranges and levels of disease or ailments for years. It has shown to be useful in Parkinson’s patients, psychiatric patients, veterans with struggles or mental health blockages, individuals with anxiety, and so much more. The different types of dance or ways to practice can alleviate or improve many different areas and symptoms of various illnesses for all. 

Connection To Self

Individuals that struggle with different forms of dissociation from or dislike of their body can benefit from the connection that dancing provides. Many people advocate heavily for the benefits of and impact that dancing can have on connecting yourself to your own body and mind as well as allowing you to become more intuitive and whole. This can help with different illnesses, self-image issues, and more. 

Brain Health 

Spending the time it takes to focus on dancing as well as to learn dance moves or styles can attribute to improved brain health. You can get a better memory, enhance cognitive functions and skills, retain information easier, and have more capacity in your mind for other information. This is because all of the actions involved in learning and performing dances can exercise those parts of your brain, which leads to improvements in these areas. 

Way To Socialize

For those that struggle with their people skills and communication, making friends or socializing can be daunting if not entirely unlikely to occur. Dance can be an activity that involves having a partner or being a part of a group, which means that you can have an opportunity to socialize and connect with other individuals that have similar interests in dance or music that you do. Socialization is important for many mental and physical ailments. 

Relieve Stress

Stress is a killer in so many ways that most people don’t even think of. It attacks our body from the inside out, damaging our mental and then physical health to the point of leaving us vulnerable to other diseases and issues like at risk heart health or even cancer. Movement and exercise as well as the feelings dance can give you are all great ways to be able to relieve stress, which can help you stay away from the dangers of long-term or short-term stress. 

Learn Something New

Taking the time to learn a new dance or get into a new form of music to listen to is helpful in allowing yourself to learn something new in your day. Learning new things keeps your brain active and helps to prevent mental illness, boredom, stress, anxiety, and more. You can include this in your dancing even more by trying a new move or style every time you dance, taking lessons, or just experimenting with your form of dancing in any way. 


The biggest and possibly most important factor of dancing being a good medicine is your enjoyment. You have to be having a good time to want to do this again as well as to actually benefit from it. If you’re bored or don’t like the dance style you’ll mostly focus on that fact rather than just get lost in dancing or learning a dance. Enjoyment is so important for the dancing form to be effective and for us to have even more benefits from having a good time. 

Even if you’ve tried dancing before and didn’t like it, there’s a big chance that you can find a style or way to dance that fits you better and you truly enjoy. These are only some of the benefits and reasons to consider including dance in your life sometimes, but they’re some really great ones to keep in mind. Dancing is a medicine because it can heal you in ways even some true medicines can’t and it can be so beneficial for anyone of any age that it becomes like taking medicine too. You don’t have to learn fancy moves or dedicate a ton of time to this to reap these benefits, just try it out and spend a bit of time enjoying yourself every day or less often.  Dancing is almost always a good idea. 

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