Motherhood isn’t Linear

Headed home today to see my babies who aren’t much babies anymore.  I still will call them my babies though because they grew in me and no one, not anyone, can change that.  Don’t ever ever ever ever ever mistake my love for all children is a slam against my own.  

They have to share me just like many other kids have to share their children with a mom and dad who are not together, live far away at boarding school, or who have full time jobs and responsibilities outside being a parent. 

This is all ok. As long as the child is loved and cared for, fed, warm, has someone to talk to it is all ok. We have learned so many things about coparenting over the years and kinship.  The career of a parent is never linear. Ever.

Noone ever will take the place of my bios. Ever.  Just because my mom life doesn’t look like your mom life doesn’t mean I am doing it wrong.  My heart was created for a specific purpose. I have a job to do. This is the plan and has always been the plan.  It will forever be how I mom. Being a mom to many, Its the job I was meant to do. 

I am the lucky one.

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