To my Bios

Dear Kids,

One day when you are looking through your childhood pictures  and come across this week I wonder what you will think. 

Here is what I hope for you. 

-Sometimes the right choice is the hard choice.  

-When given a choice to care for someone smaller than you, do it.

-Things aren’t always what they seem to the public eye. Especially when it comes to politics and the media. 

-you are worth so much to me that I would risk it all to ensure your safety and fight those that have wronged you. 

-in the end your mom stood up for the 10 year old version of herself. 

-Women can do many things, including change the world globally. 

-Family is about sticking together by any means necessary, even digital dinners.

-People do not know but yet they think they do.  Let them. Then sit back and watch as they learn.

-There are many ways to parent and just because a stereotype exists doesn’t mean it needs to be followed. 

-No one knows what has happened in your own life like yourself. Do not let anyone tell you different.

-A shoe can change your life


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