What happened Friday Morning?

On Friday Morning I woke up like normal.  I helped get kids off to school.  When I finally got to my phone I instantly realized 2 things.....

1. That I finally opened up about the Luesner family the day before. 

2.  And..... the chief of police likely was watching me and my phone and had been for months (Illegally).... I just had figured out the night before that some of my private phone conversations were being carried beyond my original 

When you grow up with bullies you learn to co-exist with them.  You learn when to avoid them and when they are in a good mood.  We all have bullies in our lives. Bullies aren’t rare.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  They wear many different types of uniforms:  it really sucks when they wear blue.

Upon my realization of how absolutely insane it was to have a conversation about Child Trafficking on a public platform (you live and you learn) I realized how, not only, close to the home this hit me but also close the the heart. 

I know I have disrupted the course of Cape May County.  I did it because I love children and I saw pain.  I did it because I felt you all needed to know that our kids, in other schools beyond woodbine, are having to learn amongst this and it is time for a change. All of our kids deserve better.  Every. Single. One.  

The acceptance of Child Trafficking in our culture needs to stop.  This happened to me in 1991.  I could have spoke up sooner but I needed Matt to tell me I was safe in October to allow my heart to let my story flow. 

I love my children.  I love all of my neighbors.  I love CMCOUNTY but I don’t love children getting hurt at the hands of an adult.  This isn’t healthy for anyone. 

While I am hoping this transition into change is a peaceful one, (I am still praying for the many cops that I am worried about)..... I hope that everyone in Cape May County will be able to be an example in the light that this story will bring. It’s time to circle up.  This problem isn’t just mine anymore. 


Ps Matt Buesing I still would love to talk to you. Can you please call me? Kthxbye 🙂

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