Fix or Close

*This was originally posted on Oct 3, 2020*

In my opinion, one thing a child needs more than any toy or learning tool is stability.  A child should not have to go to the place they learn, a school, and have to constantly wonder if they will loose that place too.  

Woodbine has been talked about for years in regards to closing.

“It might close next year” “It won’t last much longer” 

I. Have. Heard. It. All.

Yes.......and the choice school system is “supposed” to work. 


Decide one way or another Woodbine!  Sewage in classrooms such as on Oct 29, 2018 is not ok.

Fix or Close.  Make the right choice! Or I can keep going.  Electric codes are next!

Fix or Close! 

Kids need a safe and clean place to learn!  Woodbine Elementary is not that place in its current state.

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