Love them

In 2009, when the online conversation about child trafficking in Woodbine, NJ started, I didn’t realize my stance on it needing to end was that radical.  Now I am a little more clued in on embarrassing social norms. Still, I am just as dedicated, if not more, to the cause. Little lives matter.

Selling children for modern slavery is one of the most broken pieces in our culture.  I will forever fight for the children that need me.  

I can say without hesitation that my family was created for this purpose. A human life is worth far more than rubies, yes, even the ones being sold out of the janitor’s office at Woodbine Elementary School. 

Do I wish I was believed a little more? Yes.  Do I wish my heart was understood a little more? Yes. Do I wish that this world was far less broken? Yes. 

This ISN’T about my kids.  This ISN’T about your kids. This ISN’T about “their” kids.  This is about God’s children.  Love them just as we are commanded to do.

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