Pray for Zulia

*Originally posted on Facebook on November 11,2020*

I saw them.  Different days.  Kids in the back of a car.  Kids on the floor in the janitors office.  Kids way to young to be in school and they were dressed in uniforms.  

I reported this to the state police.  

I don’t know what else to do besides Pray.  Will you pray with me for all of the kids that were being moved in plain sight. Specifically Zulia, the one that I held and was introduced to by name.  I don’t know how she fits into all of this but she is special.  I know it in my heart.  

Pray for the boy I saw in my last board meeting. 

Pray for me that my heart can find peace.  Pray for me that I can give myself grace for not putting it all together faster. 
Pray for Woodbine.  No child should ever have a price tag put on them.

#ceistanddesistchildtrafficking #trafficjam #ChildTraffickers

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