(We are working on our responses to these questions!  I get asked them a lot and have been adding them to the list one by one!  Thanks for looking come back soon.  I will try not to procrastinate.)  

Who are you?
I am Elizabeth.  A former marketing professional turned full time mom that fulfills dreams on the side. Wife of over 18 years and mom for over 15.

 How did you and your hubby meet?
 John is my best friend.  We met through a mutual friend and my life has never been the same.  Marriage hasn't always been easy but it sure has made a colorful life. 

How many kids are you going to have?  Is this one your last?
We are done having kids through natural circumstances at this time.  However, we do not feel that blood relation makes a family......

Are you still foster parents?
We are no longer foster parents.  Maybe when the kids are older we may foster again.  For now we are thankful for the children God has put in our arms.  All 3 of them are genetically ours. (But that really doesn’t matter does it?)

What religion are you?

My husband and I grew up in two different religions.  It all comes down to what we believe.  I believe that God is more than just tradition and earning your way to heaven.  I believe God is a friend and you should have a relationship with him.  I believe in prayer and I believe in communication with God just like you would any other relationship.  I live in the now and value the "wow" moments.

Why do you waste your time blogging?
haha This is a funny question.  I am sure some family members are still asking this even though I have been blogging since 2004.   Some women sew, quilt, bake, and cook.  Some women blog about sewing, quilting, baking, and cooking.  Some women do a little of all of these things and are an expert at none.  I am one of those women. 

You homeschool your children? 
1! I am personally the most liberal of my conservative friends and the most conservative of my liberal friends.  John and I decided to homeschool on a year to year basis.  We love the flexiblity.  We love spending time with our children.  We love them so much even though teaching is very hard. We know this is the right thing for our family even though we struggle at times. Only one child remains at home with us.

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